Children learn best when things are meaningful, interactive, hands-on and fun.  At Busy Bee Academy, our curriculum is created to foster little minds that are ready to learn about the world.  Specifically, each day our curriculum will highlight these important subject areas: Science exploration, Early Mathematics, Literacy, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, and Social Studies.         

  Our school promotes the adventure and

process of learning, not the final outcome.


Children will also have time during the day to utilize our learning centers. These centers include: writing/art area, science area, computer area, library corner, dramatic play area, manipulative area, block corner, and sand and water tables.  This play time is meant to stimulate curiosity and independence.  Teachers will continuously add new materials to the learning centers to foster curiosity and promote new learning discoveries.

We are an Early Childhood Program open to all with no regard to race, color, religion, marital status, ethnic origin, cultural heritage, sexual orientation, disability or political beliefs.  In addition, Busy Bee Academy realizes that children become potty trained at different ages. 

Kids in diapers are welcome!  

Busy Bee Academy - 377 Providence Road - South Grafton, MA



 Give us a buzz at 508-839-4915

An Early Childhood Program buzzing with learning, play, discovery and fun