The older the children grow, the more they prefer to work with friends.  At Busy Bee Academy, children learn to respect other children, to resolve conflicts, to wait for a turn, and to become more independent.  Mixing the ages of children provides an advantage for all children. It helps balance their social, emotional, and intellectual developmental needs.  



Children will have the opportunity to continue their learning on our discovery playground.  Our teachers realize that our outside time is wonderful place for learning.  Sensory investigation, seasonal changes, and scientific exploration will be a part of everyday.  

Our classrooms

We are proud to be a small preschool.  It allows us to give personalized, individual attention.  We will respect the choice of the child while also encouraging them to try new things.  

Children will begin to see themselves as active participants in the learning process, demanding more knowledge and sharing that knowledge with their peers without the pressure of academic expectations based solely on their age.

Busy Bee Academy is an early childhood education program located in Grafton, Massachusetts.  It is preschool that serves children in the towns of Northborough, Westborough, Upton, Uxbridge, Northbridge, Sutton and Shrewsbury.  It is licensed by Early Education and Care.  It is also known as a nursery school or daycare.  It is a school for children to learn and play and have fun.  

Busy Bee Academy - 377 Providence Road - South Grafton, MA



An Early Childhood Program buzzing with learning, play, discovery and fun