What can we offer your child?  

  • Curriculum that is relevant, engaging, and personal to children
  • An environment where children feel valued, respected and safe

  • Interactive learning centers for children to make choices and discoveries
  • Language development through listening, following directions, leading a group and learning songs and rhymes

  • Emotional development through social situations, exploring emotional responses and practicing patience

  • Letter recognition, beginning word recognition, and phonemic awareness

  • Encouragement of individual expression in music, movement, and the dramatic arts

  • Emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking

  • Assessment that is on-going, meaningful and with continuous goals and objectives

  • A year full of learning that will have each child prepared for all of the schooling that lies ahead of them

At Busy Bee Academy we provide an active and engaging environment in a warm and caring atmosphere where your child will learn to love school.  Our Busy Bee Academy classrooms are structured to foster independence and creativity through discovery learning centers, challenging curriculum, stimulating projects and activities.  Children will be encouraged to find their own voice, to cultivate their own uniqueness and learn about things that are meaningful to them.

Busy Bee Academy is an Early Childhood Education program for children 2.9 to 5 years of age. We are located in Brookmeadow Plaza in South Grafton.

Our hands-on approach will emphasize active learning where children can get their hands dirty, experiment and understand the cause and effect of their actions.  Math, science, social studies and reading concepts will be introduced through activities so fun that children will enjoy learning.  Music, creative movement and gross motor play will be offered daily along with activities emphasizing social skills.  Together we create a classroom community where children can learn respect and good citizenship.  


Busy Bee Academy - 377 Providence Road - South Grafton, MA



Busy Bee Academy, an early childhood program, serving children in the towns of Grafton, Northborough, Westborough, Sutton, Northbridge, South Grafton, Uxbridge, Winchendon, Upton.  It is a preschool or a daycare for children to learn.  

An Early Childhood Program buzzing with learning, play, discovery and fun