Busy Bee Academy is the creation of Ms. Darcie and Ms. Sara, teaming up to combine their cumulative knowledge and vision of what preschool should be.  Busy Bee Academy is taught by loving, understanding teachers who realize the importance of Early Childhood Education. 

Your child is beginning a lifetime of learning.



Busy Bee Academy 
will set them on the right path showing children that school can be a loving, exploratory, fun place

Our Dedication

Busy Bee Academy is an early childhood education program located in Grafton, Massachusetts.  It is preschool that serves children in the towns of Northborough, Westborough, Upton, Uxbridge, Northbridge, Sutton and Shrewsbury.  It is licensed by Early Education and Care.  It is also known as a nursery school or daycare.  It is a school for children to learn and play and have fun.  

Busy Bee Academy - 377 Providence Road - South Grafton, MA



An Early Childhood Program buzzing with learning, play, discovery and fun